Unleashing the Potential

of Commodity Solutions

Seasoned traders and industry-diverse executives joined forces to establish Traderoad. Leveraging our extensive experience in commodities, we enhance global origination, movement, and marketing of vital resources.

First class logistics and
marketing of commodities

Global Services

Local Expertise

Decades of Experience

Driving Success through
Unwavering Commitment

Focusing our time and energy on select businesses, we deliver unwavering commitment. Our most valuable assets are our extensive network and dedicated team, fostering a strong sense of team spirit to ensure success.

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Connecting Markets,
Empowering Partnerships

At our core, we are dedicated to supporting our counterparts through the provision of expertise, patient capital, and an extensive network. With a strong focus on global commodity investments, deal-making, and efficient execution, we possess a unique strength in driving supply chain operations.

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Our Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct is the cornerstone of our ethical values, guiding every decision and action we take.

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Our Services

Origination & Marketing
of Commodities

We specialize in serving the Oil and Gas sector by effectively marketing their outputs within the fertilizer supply chain industry. Our tailored solutions drive seamless integration and maximize value throughout the entire process.

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Ocean Transportation

We maintain strong partnerships with ship owners and international transport companies, both in dry and liquid cargo sectors. These close alliances enable us to ensure reliable and efficient transportation solutions, facilitating seamless movement of goods across global markets.

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Port & Terminal Management,

Our extensive network of contacts with terminal owners and port operators enables us to effectively eliminate bottlenecks in the supply chain. By leveraging these valuable connections, we streamline operations and ensure smooth, uninterrupted flow of goods.

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As debt and equity providers, we offer strategic capital solutions tailored to your business needs. Whether you require financing for expansion, acquisitions, or other strategic initiatives, we bring the expertise and resources to support your growth objectives.

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